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JVC HANC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

About the Product

The JVC HANC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones were designed to offer the user a superior listening experience through the combination of noise reduction and premium sound quality. 

The headphones can reduce background noise by up to 85% through the use of feedback technology that monitors the noise cancellation process. In addition, this set of headphones utilizes a double housing structure for sound insulation and a new method of attaching memory foam to the ear pads that isolates the background noise.

The set is also comfortable and portable. Weighing in at just 5.3 ounces, they are some of the lightest headphones in their class and have been designed to offer the highest level of comfort possible. Because they can fold flat and that they come with a carrying case and an airline dual plug adapter, they are very convenient for frequent travelers.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Offers 85% noise reduction
  • Noise cancelation can be switched on and off
  • Can be powered by a AAA battery for 50 hours of use
  • Light weight of 5.3 ounces
  • 4-foot detachable cord
  • Fold flat for convenient travel use

The JVC HANC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones have received very positive feedback at Amazon.com and they are currently rated 3.9/5 stars.

CLICK HERE to see the best price that Amazon.com offers for this product. At the moment you can save 50% off the list price and take advantage of free super saver shipping.

The Negative Reviews

The customer feedback for the JVC HANC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones has, for the most part, been very positive. However, some reviewers have pointed out a few faults of the product, which we will now discuss before moving onto its more popular features.

What seems to be the most common complaint about this pair of headphones relates to the way that it stores its battery. It uses one AAA battery, and in order to replace it you have to pop the right earpiece out so that you can access the battery chamber. This way that the product has been designed has proven to be inconvenient for some customers, and others have pointed out that it also poses a risk of breaking the product.

Most of the reviewers have found the headphones to be very comfortable, however, some customers who wear glasses have disagreed with this finding. So if you wear glasses then you might not experience the high comfort level that has been appreciated by the non-glasses-wearing customers.

Complaints have also been made in regard to the lack of a volume dial on the product and its short cable.

You can read these sentiments in greater detail by clicking HERE.

The Positive Reviews

Most of the reviews for the JVC HANC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones have been very positive so lets now discuss the aspects of the product that have most impressed its customers.

Firstly, the noise-canceling performance of the headphones has been extensively praised. Even with the active noise cancelation switched off, they are still effective in blocking out noise. Positive results have been experienced by customers who travel frequently by plane or who work in busy loud offices.

The sound quality that is produced by the headphones has also made a positive impression. The reviewers have reported that they effectively balance bass and treble without creating a hiss.

Most of the customers have found the headphones to be comfortable and light. Comments have been made that attest to the quality of the cushions and their ability to seal out sound without making your ears hot.

Finally, the reviewers have expressed their appreciation for the battery life of the product. Even though the headphones only require one battery, they still function for a long time. Unlike other headphones, this set does not require a proprietary battery, which the customers have found to be convenient.


Would we recommend the JVC HANC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones to our readers?

Absolutely, and here is why:

We recommend this product to anybody who is looking for a set of headphones that cancel noise effectively, that offer good sound quality, and that are comfortable. Particularly for frequent travelers and cube farm dwellers we think that these headphones are worth investing in because they do the job just as well as any other set but at a fraction of the cost.

The Christmas rush happens when you are so busy creating shopping lists, organizing Christmas dinner, and preparing Christmas cards, in addition to your normal busy schedule, that time slips by too quickly. You are soon left with one week left before Christmas, and your list of things to do is nowhere near complete. Not to mention the fact that you don't have time to enjoy what the season is really about!

You can avoid the Christmas rush and reap its benefits with some simple tips.

Plan Your Christmas List Early

Start planning your Christmas list as early as spring, if possible. With a planned list, you will know well in advance who you want to purchase gifts for and can add to this list as you remember more names. This also helps to stop you from overspending, as so many of us do each year.

Each year, if you keep track of your gift-giving list, you can just readjust the list if you need to, and have a sure direction of your purchasing plans. There are many applications available on smartphones that can keep track of these lists for you, and remind you of what you bought a particular person last year so you don’t end up buying them the same gift each year.

Shop Early

Once you have your planned Christmas list, the shopping becomes much easier. When you start your list early, your shopping can start early as well. You'll avoid the Christmas crowds and help to reduce stress as you get everything you need. You'll also be in a better position to shop around for bargains. And, the closer to Christmas it gets, the more you can sit back and enjoy it, knowing you've already gotten the shopping out of the way.

Purchase Meaningful Gifts

When you plan and shop early, you will most likely be able to purchase gifts that have special meaning for your family and friends. You won't be purchasing gifts for the sake of it just because you're in a rush. Putting thought into the gifts you buy in this way makes them more meaningful, and brings you closer to the true spirit of the season, rather than just spending money thoughtlessly.

Spend Less

When you take the time to plan, you can adjust your Christmas list according to a budget. With a clear idea of who you will be purchasing gifts for, you can always take advantage of special sales. Many department stores hold sales during other holidays, such as Labor Day, giving you more opportunities to save money.

Many of the sales held during the Christmas season are on the same items, which many have already marked up. The chances of getting a unique gift decreases as more Christmas shoppers are also looking for the sales.

Taking the time to plan and anticipate the season of Christmas before it arrives will allow you more time to spend with family and friends, viewing Christmas lights, and maybe even taking the children to see Santa Clause at the Mall. Why waste time rushing to buy gifts, when you can relax and enjoy this special season and all it has to offer?

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